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They are printed with a guaranteed 75-year-old ink in 12 colors to achieve an exceptional rendering.

In a 20 x 30 cm laminated format with a text on the back describing the vibratory theme of the seal.

What is a Vibratory seal?

You can imagine that Vibratory Seals are energy portals.

Not as a stargate through which one could change the world (as in some science fiction series), but rather a window open to another.

Imagine that on the other side of this window are guides who are there to assist you. They are benevolent and have much more advanced vibration technology than what we know.

Following the theme of the Vibration Seal, they work to harmonize and transform into you what still blocks the flow of Life.

Imagine that what fully activates a Vibration Seal is your intention to open up to it.

Daniel Vuittenez – Awakening Artist

Click on the images of the Vibration Seals to find out the explanation.


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