A vibratory seal? What's that?

What is a Vibratory Seal ?

The Vibratory Seals are the result of 16 years of research on a new approach to the unconscious and energy.

Through visualizations and meditations, they can allow you to unlock areas of your unconscious that were holding you back. This is in order to develop:

      • More harmonious relationships
      • Inner peace
      • Self-confidence
      • projects that succeed
      • love in your life

The Vibratory Seals resonate with the vibration of the person looking at them and his unconscious. This awakens unconscious potentials and brings her new resources.

The effect of a seal on a person cannot be defined exactly, because it is the emerging vibrational alchemy between the person and the encoding of the seal that will work.

Each being will therefore resonate with a particular seal of its own as to its vibration and the needs of its soul.

All you have to do is stand in front of the seal and let yourself be impregnated.

Using Vibratory Seals

Vibratory Seals are 20 x 30cm in size, laminated. On the back, you will find an explanatory text to better understand the seal you have chosen.

You can leave them in your environment (e.g. displayed on a wall) so that they regularly broadcast to you.

You can also meditate with them, never forget that vibratory seals are more active when you are centered.

Thus, you can go to meet them as if they were people, individual consciences that can then guide you.

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