Metatron Cube 2 – Seeding


Seeding by the energies of the new Earth
Restructuring of the Light Bodies
Great Protection
Contact with the love of creation

Vibratory Seal Reference: SV2111A


Seeding by the energies of the new Earth
Restructuring of the Light Bodies
Great Protection
Contact with the love of creation

Metatron's cube is a known geometric figure, but what is its meaning?

In order to discover it, I propose you to walk inwardly with me. Imagine that you are a cell, an atom. Around you are other cells, other atoms.
If in imagination we continue the journey, we can imagine ourselves being an atom in a diamond of infinite purity. Emotion rises, yes, to pass the light in the purest of ways, the atoms unite and place themselves in an order, a perfect structure. Looking again at this image of metatron's cube, imagine yourself in the sphere of the center. The other spheres represent the atoms around you. The purity of the diamond makes you can see, feel clearly all around you, without limit. You are in the frame, the structure of reality and you are connected to everything, to the Source...
From the infinite, from the horizon or from an atom, arises a consciousness of boundless love. The Source is everywhere and in everyone.

Connecting to this vibratory seal can allow us to connect to the intense influx of evolutionary energies that is flooding, seeding the Earth right now.

Metatron's cube is the smallest elementary structure from which all creation is built. Know that from the "Seal of Metatron" can form the five solids of Plato, tetrahedron connected to the element "fire", the cube connected to the element "earth", the octahedron connected to the element "air", the icosahedron connected to the element "water" and the dodecahedron connected to the element "ether".
The feminine is expressed through the spheres The masculine is expressed through the features that connect the spheres.

How do I activate this seal?
An explanation is given to you on the back of the seal.


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