Metatron Cube – Connection


Connecting to the Source

Référence du Sceau Vibratoire : SV2104C

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Connecting to the Source

Metatron's cube is a known geometric figure, but what is its meaning? It sounds a bit like the flower of life, yes, but what to think about it?

In order to discover it, I propose you to walk inwardly with me. Imagine that you are a cell, an atom. Around you are other cells, other atoms.
If in imagination we continue the journey, we can imagine ourselves being an atom in a diamond of infinite purity. Emotion rises, yes, to pass the light in the purest of ways, the atoms unite and place themselves in an order, a perfect structure.
Looking again at this image of metatron's cube, imagine yourself in the sphere of the center. The other spheres represent the atoms around you. The purity of the diamond makes you can see, feel clearly all around you, without limit. You are in the matrix, the structure of reality and you are connected to everything, to the Source...

Additional explanations and an exercise/visualization to activate this Vibratory Seal will be provided for any ordered reproduction.


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