Drawing of Art - Gaia


  • Printed with guaranteed 75-year-old ink, in 12 colors for exceptional rendering.
  • Semi-brilliant print.
  • Grammage: 265 g/m2
  • 3 dimensions:
    A4: 21 x 30 cm – 25€
    A3: 30 x 42 cm – 39€
    A2: 42 x 60 cm - 59


Cette peinture a servi à illustrer la pochette du CD "GAÏA" comportant 5 chants sacrés sur Gaïa par Aurora IPPONICH.

This painting calls us to change our gaze.

Some may be able to see the image of the Wolf, animal Totem, in the center of the planet on this canvas, or even, the beginnings of a New Earth in the emanation of light just above the planet ...
I invite you to feel all the love, respect, and benevolence in the MAINS that carry the world.
I invite you to imagine that these are your hands who have this magic and privilege to carry the world and the future.
That you have in your Hands the soil, the strength of Love, the power of co-creation of the World that you wish to inhabit.


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